Journalistic Writing and Layout Design

When Fashion Meets Craft:
The Journey of Heritage and Craftmanship

December, 2019

In this fashion journalistic writing project, I selected Kinfolk magazine as the inspiration for both the written and visual communication style, combining with my tone and style of the writing and design.
Kinfolk is a lifestyle magazine that includes issues such as fashion, design, interiors, art, culture, and so on. It aims to promote quality of life and even connects a global community of creative professionals.

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Creative Communication Campaign:

Brand Zine Design, Styling, and Photography

A collaboration with agnès b.

March, 2020

This campaign is a celebration of the agnès b. ‘s snap cardigans – a garment so utterly simple, it’s flattering on anyone and everyone; a garment that embraces you for you.

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Creative Communication Campaign:
Fashion Film

This film is a celebration of expression, individuality and of people who dare to wear something that is a strong reflection of them.
Each character’s outfit is way more than a trend or a way to fit in or stand out. Their clothes are little windows into their inner lives. They are wearing what they wear because they’re comfortable in it. It represents them, expresses them, liberates them and defines them.


Rebranding Project

September, 2020

This project will look at the British heritage label Aquascutum, analysing its brand history, strategies, and challenges, investigating the current market as well as customer trends, and then create an innovative rebranding for the Brand.

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Communication & Promotional Strategy:

BVLGARI: The New Home Collections

December, 2019

The project will propose an innovative and future-facing communication strategy for BVLGARI, with well researched and supported by secondary and primary research to establish the rationale, strategy and recommendations.


Visual Identity Design

Client: Online Select Shop

October, 2016


Visual Direction

Vogue Taiwan

August, 2021


Taipei Fashion Week x Vogue FNO
Gift Box Design

Vogue Taiwan

October, 2021


HYDY x Vogue Picnic
Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle Design

Vogue Taiwan

March, 2023


Tea Packaging Design
& Visual Direction

Client: Guan Yun Aged Tea

December, 2023

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